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Aircraft Engine Maintenance in Kingwood TX

Aviation & Marketing International (AMI) provides the highest available standard of turbine engine service for our worldwide customer base.

AMI is your direct, comprehensive link to turbine engine parts and consulting service for Honeywell power plants. AMI's specialties are TFE731 Engines, aviation consulting and the associated services that go along with it.

Providing you with the most comprehensive selection of TFE731 parts, AMI can help you locate any TFE731 part or engine model that you are looking for, no matter where you are in the world.

With our direct access to extensive engine parts, repair and re-work capability, you have the opportunity to substantially reduce your costs of engine maintenance.

For the fastest response to your needs, please send Aviation & Marketing International your quote request.

Aviation & Marketing International (AMI) also serves in aircraft sales and acquisition representation.


Our Aircraft Engine Maintenance Services Include:

  • Honeywell TFE 731
  • Aviation Consulting
  • Charter Services
  • General Electric
  • Technical Support
  • Support for Hot Section and Overhaul
  • On-Site Inventory Coupled with Parts Accesibility from an International Networked Database
  • Innovative Technology

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Turbine Engines are complicated, but buying or repairing one doesn't have to be. Contact us today for a hassle free experience, at AMI we stand behind our work, providing quality products and reliable services at an affordable price.