Our Facilities

AMI Facility Overview

Our new TFE731 engine sales and service facility, located in Kingwood, Texas, brings together western-style and modern functionality.  We have incorporated local historical influences into the design and furnishings of our offices.

The latest advances in technology have also been integrated into the facility with wired/wireless internet, upgraded VOIP phone systems, and networked workstations throughout the facility.  Multiple conference rooms equipped with HDMI computer connection LCD/TVs for presentations and video conferencing.

AMI Facility Facts

  • 3750 square feet of office space
  • 13,000+ warehouse with mezzanine catwalk
  • Climate controlled, low humidity environment for parts storage
  • 1,000 square foot shop area
  • Convenient access to IAH George Bush Intercontinental Airport for 24/7/365 AOG Support
  • State of the art security and fire protection systems
  • A full kitchen and break area

TFE731 Engine & Parts Shipping  - A.O.G - HQ

When picking a location and designing our new facility, our first consideration was speed of service for Aircraft On the Ground (AOG) situations. Our facility is minutes from Houston's George Bush International Airport, allowing for counter to counter deliveries the same day.

Our shipping area is located adjacent to the warehouse and contains all of the resources to quickly and accurately prepare an order for shipment.


With over 13,000 square feet of floor space, the new AMI warehouse facility has space for the company to grow for years to come.  Inventory is tracked by bar-code using Component Control's Quantum software which allows us to easily locate any part instantly.

Our warehouse is home to a catwalk and mezzanine storage system which allows optimum utilization of space while maintaining a safe work environment for employees.  Parts are never more than an arms reach away.   Inventory is segregated to maintain ASA-100 quality system standards.

In addition to the mezzanine storage, pallet racking and open storage allow ample space for large items and whole engines.  AMI currently offers many different models of TFE731 engines for sale.  All engines are tested, preserved, crated , and ready to ship anywhere in the world.

Our State of The Art TFE731 Repair Station

An FAA Certified Repair Station, AMI boasts shop facilities to handle TFE731 minor repairs and maintenance.

Whether it is engine preservation, conversion, or other minor repairs that are necessary, AMI has the facilities and tooling to get the job done.

FAA Repair Station #1ZLR981C

Certifications & Authorizations

AMI FAA Air Agency Certificate

AMI EASA Certificate

AMI Op Specs 1ZLR981C

AMI Drug Plan